Scottish Heather Honey


To provide Britain’s answer to the frequent requests we get for Manuka honey we work with an apiary based near Inverness to supply this very distinctive rich, dark, toffee-like raw heather honey.

Size: Breakfast jar, 227g jar, 340g jar

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Raw Scottish heather honey.

Read a study Glasgow University have done into it’s amazing properties here

Is Manuka honey really so special?

Whilst we would advocate that all raw, untreated honey has a multitude of properties beneficial to health, anybody considering buying honey from the other side of the world rather than from their local bee farmer should be concerned by the evidence of the widespread adulteration of Manuka honey.

There’s a link to some of risks in buying honey labelled as Manuka here

Serving suggestion:

Scottish heather honey can be spread over toast etc., or one teaspoonful taken daily straight out of the jar.

It should not be added to hot drinks as the heat can damage some of the beneficial qualities.


  • Honey is not suitable for people with a severe allergy to pollen or other bee products.
  • Honey should not be given to infants under 12 months of age.

Additional information

Jar size

50g, 227g, 340g

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