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Polloney™ is a delicious mix of fresh local bee pollen suspended in raw Cheshire spring honey.

In addition to tasting great and being one of nature’s superfoods this product is very popular with hay fever allergy sufferers.

Size: 227g jar


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Polloney™ is a delicious mix of fresh local bee pollen suspended in our raw honey.

In addition to tasting great and being one of nature’s superfoods this is product very popular with hay fever allergy sufferers.

It’s thought resistance to these potential allergens can be built up by taking regular doses of the pollen responsible and, in turn, reduce symptoms of seasonal allergies.

The bees collect the pollen from the flowers and trees of the Cheshire countryside and store it on the basket on their back legs. On returning to the hive they squeeze through a specially shaped mesh dislodging the pollen which then falls into a tray.

We collect the pollen at the end of each day then carefully mix it with pure, coarse filtered, unpasteurised, Cheshire spring honey. To ensure the pollen remains suspended in the fine crystal structure of the honey, Polloney should be stored in a fridge or cool larder or it can be returned to an even mix by stirring.

The pollen pellets that can be seen through the jar are all different colours and flavours depending on which flowers the bees have collected from.

Bee pollen contains trace amounts of minerals and vitamins and is also very high in protein and carbohydrates. Like raw, untreated honey, it offers powerful antioxidant effects and is said to enhance energy and improve athletic performance.

What makes Polloney so special?

  • Polloney is made using fresh bee pollen. Fresh pollen contains almost all the nutrients required by the human body and is enormously rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, beneficial fatty acids, carotenoids, and bioflavonoids which are anti-viral, antibacterial and can be helpful in lowering cholesterol, stabilizing and strengthening capillaries. Pollen is the only plant source that contains the exclusive vitamin B12. Drying pollen destroys the naturally occurring live enzymes, and half the vitamins and bioflavinoids. It also changes the sweet flavour of the pollen grains into something bitter and sour, the texture of the granules from from smooth and pliable into powdery and dry and the fragrance from deeply floral into acrid and dusty.

  • Polloney is made using local bee pollen. We collect all our pollen within a ten mile radius of Plumley Honey House. The pollen traps are set early in the morning and the pollen harvested at the end of the day or at the first hint that rain may be on its way. Collecting pollen requires warm, sunny weather, a plentiful flower source and hives full of strong, healthy bees. The British climate presents a real challenge to collecting pollen here in Cheshire which is why virtually all pollen sold in the UK is imported from Spain or China.

  • Polloney is made using bee pollen collected from a wide variety of local flowers. It contains pollen collected throughout the whole of the beekeeping season, from the early April through to August. This ensures that the pollen is from a wide range of trees, hedgerows, wild flowers, farmer’s crops and garden flowers. This is especially important for people who take it to build up a resistance to the pollens that can cause hay fever. The diversity of the floral sources can be shown by the array of colours of the pollen grains that can be seen in in a jar of Polloney. You may be surprised at how much each teaspoon may vary in taste depending on the floral source of the pollen grains it contains.

  • Polloney is made using raw, local spring honey collected within a ten mile radius of Plumley Honey House. It is a multifloral spring honey which is cold gravity extracted, unpasteurised, only coarse filtered and 100% pure and natural. We never expose honey to a higher temperature than would normally occur in the hive so all the natural enzymes, yeasts, proteins, flavours and aromas are preserved.



Cheshire honey, pollen


Serving suggestion:

Half to one teaspoon taken daily straight out of the jar which should then last about a month. It is best taken about a month before symptoms normally start and then throughout the hay fever season.

It should not be added to hot drinks as the heat can damage some of the beneficial properties.



  • As some people may have a severe allergy to pollen or othe bee products, a very small dose of Polloney should be tried initially, building up slowly over a week or two.
  • Polloney and all honey is not suitable for infants under twelve months of age.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Jar size

50g, 227g

2 reviews for Polloney™

  1. HB

    Brilliant product. I was
    suffering with really bad hayfever and decided to give
    Polloney a go. I stopped taking an antihistamine a day and had half a teaspoon of Polloney in the morning. It has proved to be fabulous and my hayfever is much improved. Glad I gave it a go.

  2. JJ (verified owner)

    This effectively ended 40+ years of prescription hayfever meds for me… Thank you Bax Bees! Just half a teaspoon every morning gets me through the day. On really bad days I take half a teaspoon of Hive as well, or any of the local honey.

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