June Blossom Honey


This is our June multifloral honey from the Cheshire trees and hedgerows.

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We take monthly harvests from the bees throughout the season, resulting in characteristic multifloral honeys that capture the flavour of the flowers in bloom during the month.

The apiaries are sited by Cheshire woodlands with abundant nectar sources from the tree blossom and hedgerow flowers and the flavour can vary from year to year depending on weather conditions.

In the mid summer months this results in golden, runny honey but the Oilseed Rape nectar in May and the Ivy nectar in September crystalise quickly, so these are soft set, lighter honeys.

In May the hawthorn and oilseed rape are both in flower so the bees make this natural mix of nectars combining the dark sweet nutty flavour of hawthorn honey with the mild, creamy texture of the oilseed rape. The nectar from the June blossom (chestnut, blackberry, honeysuckle, white clover) tends to make a darker honey with herby undertones. In July the honey is richer and less viscous whilst the August blossom honey has a slightly minty taste from the bees foraging on lime tree nectar.The last of the balsam and willowherb flowers with a predominance of ivy nectar gives the September honey its fine texture and distinctive flavour.


Serving suggestion:

Ideal for on porridge or in Greek yoghurt.


  • Honey is not suitable for people with a severe allergy to pollen or other bee products.
  • Honey should not be given to infants under 12 months of age.

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