Small insect hotel


Small natural wood and bark insect bug hotel provides a safe place for insects to hibernate and lay their eggs

16 x 9 x 23cm

Made By: : Bax Bees Category:


Bamboo tubes make a perfect place for solitary bees to make a nest in the hollow tubes.The female bee fills the cane with pollen and lays an egg onto it and seals the entrance with mud. The bee will occupy one of these tubes for up to 9 months, first as an egg then to larvae and finally to a bee when it will leave the tube.

Place the hotel in a sheltered area, away from very wet areas. Insects will benefit from living somewhere slightly damp where a bit of mould can grow. You can either hang from a screw/nail or stand the tower on a flat sturdy surface away from strong winds.

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Weight 699 g