Bee Safe Wasp Bait


Attracts wasps and fruit flies but not bees.

Pour into the base of our glass wasp traps.

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Bees are repelled by the scent of fermented honey, they know it’s not good for their digestion. Wasps are attracted to it though, especially in the late summer when they can become such a problem when eating outside. 

As it is completely non toxic it is possible to release the mainly intact but rather drunken wasps at the end of each day. Do so with care! In the early summer months wasps are useful carnivores of aphids. Later in the summer we are less sympathetic as they will raid bee colonies for their honey and kill the weaker ones.

100% natural, non toxic, contains fermented Cheshire honey and apple cider vinegar.

Storage: Bee Safe contains natural live yeasts so store in the fridge or in a cool place to minimise fermentation, loosen lid if necessary to relieve pressure.

Not for human consumption

Contents: 250ml

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Weight 301 g