2.5kg block of Ambrosia fondant.

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A natural, hygienic and effective bee food allows bee colonies to survive winter food shortages. Apifonda® is a ready-made feed in paste form, with a special sugar spectrum designed for honey bees. Apifonda contains exceptionally pure, micro-fine crystals, covered with a syrup film.


  • Dry substance app. 90 %
  • Composition of dry substance:
  • Sucrose: max. 83,0 %
  • Dextrose: app. 5,5 %
  • Fructose: app. 3,0 %
  • Maltose: app. 2,5 %
  • Higher saccharides: app. 8,0 %

In a sealed 2.5kg pack.

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Weight3000 g