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Ambrosia bee food syrup 12.5kg including jerrycan (or £1.30 per kg if using own container)

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Ambrosia bee feed syrup is a liquid complete bee food which is very similar to natural bee nutrition. It consists of fructose, glucose and sucrose. Its very high concentration makes it not susceptible to microbiological degradation and its very high fructose content (40% on dry weight) prevents crystallisation. Ambrosia bee food syrup is a balanced liquid prepared food with a low HMF content. The pH value is adjusted to suit bees and contributes to the creation of healthy and strong Spring colonies.

Ambrosia bee food syrup is used for the fast and simple winter feeding of worker colonies, as well as recuperation from emergency situations when there was a lack of food. It is easy to handle, hygienic and time-saving.

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