Bax Bees Strong Honey Beer


A flavoursome brew of Bax Bees’ mid summer honey, Fuggles hops and traditional halcyon barley give this golden ale its complex flavour, hoppy on the palate, with a smooth bitter finish tempered by subtle honey notes.

Available for collection only at the Plumley Honey House.

Contents: 500ml. 3.7% ABV

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This is our second honey beer venture together with Dunham Massey Brewery. Based on feedback from customers and the obligatory in-house tasting sessions have resulted in this stronger, more flavoursome ale.

We sell Bax Bees beer by the bottle or as a gift packaged 3-pack and per crate of 12 bottles.

Bottle conditioned beer guide:

Real ale in a bottle is unpasteurised and is not artificially carbonated. It is a natural live product which contains yeast for a slow secondary fermentation in the bottle. this process provides wonderful fresh flavours and a pleasant, natural effervescence.

1) Allow the yeast to settle by storing the bottle in an upright position.

2) serve the bottle chilled but not too cold (10-12’C). If the beer is too cold you will get a ‘chill haze’ (the beer, not you!).

3) If you refrigerate the beer ensure that it is in an upright position.

4) Pour your ale carefully into a glass leaving the settle yeast in the bottle.



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Bax Bees Beer

Single Bottle, Gift 3-pack, 12 Bottle Crate

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