Bax Bees Elderflower Mead


Made exclusively for Bax Bees by The Lancashire Mead Company using our Elderflower honey.

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This limited edition mead of 200 bottles is made by The Lancashire Mead Company using Elderflower honey collected by our own bees foraging on the Elderflower trees around Tatton Park in Cheshire.

This very distinctive mead does not taste of Elderflower blossom, but has a woody taste and scent of the Elderflower timber. This is typical of many monofloral honey meads, where the floral notes originally present in the nectar and honey break down into more base notes found in the sap, leaves or roots. For a mead with the flavour of Elderflower blossom, choose the Elderflower infused mead instead.


  • Water
  • Elderflower Honey
  • Yeast Nutrient

No sulphides, finings or even yeast are added! (the raw heather honey contains natural yeasts, perfect for fermentation)

Contents: 70cl

ABV: 14.5%


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Weight1999 g

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