Welsh Heather Mead


Made exclusively for Bax Bees by The Lancashire Mead Company using our Welsh heather and Cheshire oilseed rape honey.

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This limited edition mead of 200 bottles is made by The Lancashire Mead Company using heather honey collected by our own bees when we take them to the Llandegla moors in August and our Spring Cheshire Oilseed Rape honey.

Bursting with the characteristic aroma of Bax Bees heather honey. Being a pure hydromel it is lighter and less sweet than most meads with an acidic terroir from the erricaceous peat on the Welsh moorlands. Aged for two years for a smooth, complex flavour and deep, rich finish. A special treat for the mead connoisseur.


  • Water
  • Honey
  • Yeast Nutrient

No sulphides, finings or even yeast are added! (the raw heather honey contains natural yeasts, perfect for fermentation)

Contents: 70cl

ABV: 12%


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Weight 2001 g


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