Grafting Stick


A beeswax and propolis grafting stick for gardeners.

Size: 20g

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A wholly natural product for gardeners with beeswax to seal grafts from moisture and including propolis for its strong antimicrobial effect to protect from infection.

How to use:

Warm the wax block in hands until malleable then break off and press onto wounds of newly grafted trees or shrubs sealing all cut surfaces to protect from infection. Alternatively, heat gently until the wax has a thin consistency then apply directly to the graft with a brush in successive layers to form a seal.

For cleft-grafts pull the wax out into wide ribbons, and cover first the sides of the cleft, then the entire upper surface of the stub, being especially careful to press the wax firmly around the scion to prevent the stock and scions from drying out. The tips of the scion may also be covered with wax. Check the wax in two to three days to ensure that cracks have not formed. If the wax has cracked, cover the cracks with fresh wax.


Cheshire Beeswax, Rosin, Raw linseed oil, Propolis

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