Beeswax Block (food grade, dark, light, heather)


100% pure Cheshire beeswax moulded into a one ounce bar. Unrefined, unbleached, uncoloured, unprocessed – straight from the hive.

Available in 4 different types:

Food grade blossom beeswax (grade #1)

Light beeswax (grade #2)

Dark beeswax (grade #3)

Heather beeswax (grade #1)

Select which one of our four different types from the drop down menu.

Size: 28g+ bar or 1000 grams block

28 grams bar sent in a plastic free package of large letter format. 1kg block in a plastic free cardboard box.

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100% pure Cheshire beeswax moulded into a 27 grams bar or 1kg block.

What is beeswax used for?

  1.  For natural, antibacterial, antifugal food wraps (Food grade)
  2. As a basis for most good cosmetics.
  3.  Lubricate door hinges and sliding windows.
  4.  Candles that don’t drip, burn longer with a soft light and clean the air.
  5.  A natural lining to cake tins to prevent sicking. (Food grade)
  6.  Coat the mouthpiece on a didgeridoo. (Food grade)
  7.  Furniture polish to prevent the wood drying out and splitting..
  8.  Covering cheeses and preserves to protect from spoilage.(Food grade)
  9.  As a modelling material in the lost wax casting process, or cire perdue.(Food grade)
  10. Conditioner for wood bowls and cutting boards. (see our food grade beeswax).(Food grade)
  11.  Coat nails and screws to prevent wood from splintering.
  12.  Coating the grill of a barbeque to prevent food sticking (Food grade)
  13. To seal stick matches to stay dry when boating, fishing or skiing.
  14.  Prevents bronze items from tarnishing.
  15.  Keep zips, especially on wet suits, moving smoothly.
  16.  Coat reeds for woodwinds to get a tight fit.
  17.  To water proof leather boots and saddles.
  18.  As a natural, non-toxic fire lighter for barbecues.
  19.  To graft trees and plants.
  20.  In sweets like gummy bears, worms and jelly beans. (Food grade)
  21.  A coating for pills.(Food grade)
  22.  Molten beeswax to polish granite or concrete counter tops.
  23.  To make non-toxic crayons.
  24.  For cold process soap making. The wax acts a natural moisturiser.
  25.  As a wood filler.
  26.  To reduce bow string friction.
  27.  Used on snow boards, skis or toboggans for a good glide.
  28.  To wax thread prior to sewing leather.
  29.  Clean your clothes Iron.
  30.  To lubricate wire pulling.
  31. To fill seams between pieces of slate when setting up a pool table.
  32.  To seal documents.
  33.  For wax tablets used for a variety of writing purposes.
  34. As a flexible mould for a variety of mediums.
  35.  For making jewellery moulds.
  36.  With comfrey and chick weed powder to alleviate itching.
  37.  In glass etching.
  38.  Lubricating gun barrels by adding to bullets.
  39.  To make earplugs.
  40.  Ear Candling.
  41.  For unsticking drawers.
  42. When fashioning dreadlocks.
  43.  To make dental floss (Food grade)
  44.  For cracked animal hooves.
  45.  Lubricant for very old furniture joints.
  46.  When making chocolates. (Food grade)
  47.  To prevent copper sinks tarnishing.
  48.  To remove previous waxes.
  49.  In blacksmithing for mould making
  50.  Coating and sealing wicker in basketry.
  51.  To mix with butter and line caneles moulds (Food grade)
  52. To waterproof cotton jackets.
  53.  To coat the hemp strings on Bag Pipes.
  54.  To make balms and ointments. (Food grade)
  55.  An essential ingredient in Indian art of fabric dyeing called Batik printing.
  56.  When making healing salves, creams and ointments. (Food grade)
  57.  Used in pharmaceuticals to coat pills. (Food grade)
  58.  In manufacturing of electronic components and CDs.
  59.  As a polish for shoes and floors.
  60.  Coat tambourine surfaces for thumb roll playing technique.
  61.  Egg painting in a Ukraine folk art of Pysanky.
  62.  To strengthen and to forestall splitting and cracking of wind instrument reeds (Food grade)
  63.  To coat hand tools or in fact any exposed ironwork to prevent rust.
  64.  To lower cholesterol, ulcers, diarrhoea and hiccups. (Food grade)
  65.  To relieve pain and swelling.
  66.  A component of modelling clay.
  67.  In beverages. (Food grade)
  68.  In manufacturing as a thickener or emulsifier.
  69.  In fragrances in perfumes.
  70.  An ingredient in surgical bone wax.
  71.  Blended with pine rosin to serve as an adhesive.
  72.  A metal injection moulding binder component.
  73.  In encaustic paintings such as the Fayum mummy portraits.
  74.  As a stabilizer in the military explosive Torpex.
  75.  To coat hemp strands – an alternative use to lighters.
  76.  To waterproof leather jackets.
  77.  Preseving fruits and vegetables. (Food grade)
  78.  A natural ingredient of chewing gum. (Food grade)
  79.  As a hair pompay.
  80.  Used by NASA with an enzyme to mop up oceanic oil spills.
  81.  In the restoration of pictures.
  82.  Wax fly fishing lines so they float.
  83.  To keep saws sharp.
  84.  Grinding and polishing of optical lenses.
  85.  Used in crafting of dentures and other dental equipment.
  86.  To seal and polish smoke fired pottery.
  87.  On whips to waterproof.
  88.  To seal primitive wooden boats (historical).
  89.  Used to cover a broken wire on braces until you get to your orthodontist. (Food grade)
  90.  Sewing to strengthen and waterproof the thread and prevent snagging.
  91.  For coating bookbinding thread.
  92. To prevent stretch marks.
  93.  Saturate cardboard with beeswax and use as a fuel for a backpackers.
  94.  Beeswax candle as emergency heat when trapped in a car or small space.
  95.  Component for moustache creams.
  96.  To prevent slippage for belts in vacuums and sewing machines.
  97.  Mix with palm wax for a natural hair remover.
  98. As an ancient form of dental tooth filling (Food grade)
  99. For the frets on the Philippine kuitiyapi, a type of boat.
  100. To fill beaten metalwork.
  101. To lubricate a tap, when tapping holes in cast iron.

Oh, and of course to store honey and provide the perfect environment to raise baby bees!


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28 grams, 1000 grams