mellerbraggins3The Smithy was in a very sorry state. Subsidence, damp and years of neglect meant the building was on the verge of collapse.


Inside, the inch wide cracks in the walls only hinted towards the full extent of the subsidence.


This left hand corner had sunk about a foot and needed underpinning with several tons of concrete.


This was to become the shop.


Every doorway and window needed an RSJ to be fitted.


The chimney was leaning so far over it was in danger of falling into the roof. It needed an RSJ support, straightening, a new cap and fully repointing.


Putting the first of the huge RSJ’s into place,…

img_20150623_121730 ,

… and the second.


Pillars were built at either end to support the RSJs.


Pointing, pointing, pointing, everywhere,…plus helibar stiching for those cracks.

img_20150713_155022Large parts of the brickwork were crumbling and had to be rebuilt from scratch.img_20150703_162911

Reclaimed materials were carefully chosen to retain the historical character of the building.


The one remaining window frame was completely rotten so also replaced with bespoke timber frames and triple glazed, acoustically insulating, laminated glass.


Drainage channels were sunk in front of all entrances to keep the damp out.

Reclaimed doors were fitteimg_20150721_161949d into custom made timber frames.

img_20150712_193820The spiral staircase was another eBay purchase.img_20150721_161903-1

img_20150725_112428 PuttinThe floor before and after painting.g in an RSimg_4509J to support (and straightenimg_4518) the chimney and building the arch of the fireplace.img_20150620_140145 The chimney breast completed. img_20150804_125001-1 The hearth stone was VERY heavy.


Firing up the stove for the first time.


The glass wall around the clean room came from an office refurbishment of the Shard in London.


Re-routing all the electric cables underground

img_20150812_125856Insulating the roof with Kingspan.



Digging trenches for the hedge,..


… and tree pits for the trees

honey-processing-room A lot of work but don’t you think it was worth it?