Speciality Honey

Our acclaimed range of very distinctive speciality honeys harness’ the power of the hive.

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  • Proponey™


    Proponey™ is a delicious mix of our raw Cheshire honey and propolis.

    Size: 227g jar

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  • Hive Five

    Our premium product is a delicious mix of everything that the bees make: raw honey, royal jelly, propolis, perga and fresh pollen. Collected from our Cheshire apiaries and combined to give all the power of the hive in one. For everything from hay fever to asthma, Hive Five is the way to go!

    Size: 227g jar
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  • Pergoney

    PERGa + propolis + hONEY = PERGONEY A mix of fresh Perga (bee bread), propolis and raw spring honey all made by our bees here in the Cheshire countryside. Size: 227g jar
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  • Cheshire Honeycomb (collection only)

    A piece of pure honeycomb from our Cheshire apiaries, exactly as the bees made it. Only available to pick up at the Honey House. A maximum of 1 per customer so as many people as possible can enjoy this sticky goodness! Size: 170g
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  • Polloney™


    Polloney™ is a delicious mix of fresh local bee pollen suspended in raw Cheshire spring honey.

    In addition to tasting great and being one of nature's superfoods this product is very popular with hay fever allergy sufferers.

    Size: 227g jar

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  • Scottish Heather Honey

    To provide Britain's answer to the frequent requests we get for Manuka honey we work with an apiary based near Inverness to supply this very distinctive rich, dark, toffee-like raw heather honey. Size: 227g  or 340g jar
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  • Cheshire Ivy Honey

    Chesire Ivy Honey has been made from the ivy plant (Hedera helix) and has been aged for one year resulting in a unique flavour and consistency. This small batch of 50g breakfast jars has been made from the nectar collected in Cheshire by our own bees in late September.   Size: 50 grams
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  • Breakfast Jars

    Small breakfast jars of all our honey products. Select the type from the pull down menu and the price will be updated accordingly. Size: 50g
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