Bees make propolis by gathering tree resin or sap from flower buds and combine it with enzymes. Packed with powerful protective bio-flavonoids (natural antioxidant), they use propolis to protect their hives from infection. For this reason propolis is known as ‘nature’s natural antibiotic’. We harvest this amazing substance by putting propolis traps on our hives and use it as the key ingredient in our propolis products.

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  • Proponey™


    Proponey™ is a delicious mix of our raw Cheshire honey and propolis.

    Size: Breakfast jar, 227g jar

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  • Raw Cheshire Propolis

    A tin of pure, raw, powdered propolis from our Cheshire hives. Minimum contents: 20g  
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  • Propolis Tincture 50% (alcohol based)

    Raw Cheshire propolis dissolved in pure food grade ethyl alcohol in a small dropper jar. 100% natural ingredients.Size: 25ml 
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  • Hive Five

    Our premium product is a delicious mix of everything that the bees make: raw honey, royal jelly, propolis, perga and fresh pollen. Collected from our Cheshire apiaries and combined to give all the power of the hive in one. For everything from hay fever to asthma, Hive Five is the way to go!

    Size: 227g jar
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  • Pergoney

    PERGa + propolis + hONEY = PERGONEYA mix of fresh Perga (bee bread), propolis and raw spring honey all made by our bees here in the Cheshire countryside.Size: 227g jar
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