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  • Large insect hotel

    Large natural wood and bark insect bug hotel provides a safe place for insects to hibernate and lay their eggs.

    Size: 30 x 10 x 39cm
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  • Small insect hotel

    Small natural wood and bark insect bug hotel provides a safe place for insects to hibernate and lay their eggs

    16 x 9 x 23cm

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  • Bee Safe Wasp Bait

    Attracts wasps and fruit flies but not bees.

    Pour into the base of our glass wasp traps.

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  • Playmobil Beekeeper

    Playmobil Beekeeper set
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  • Glass Wasp Trap

    170mm tall x 115 diameter
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  • Himalayan Salt

    Himalayan Salt contains more than 84 minerals and trace minerals including magnesium which are crucial for relaxation, reducing stress. Its use together with raw honey is purported to improve sleep quality.   300g hex jar
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  • Honeygar (collection only)

    HONEY + apple cider vineGAR = HONEYGAR Our Cheshire spring honey mixed with Ostlers Cloudy apple cider vinegar, both raw, unpasteurised and.only coarse filtered. Size: 1litre Please note as part of our plastic-free policy our Honeygar is only available in glass bottles so unfortunately it is collection only from the honey shop. There is 50p off your next purchase upon return of the bottle.
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  • Ambrosia Syrup 12.5kg incl. container – collection only

    Ambrosia bee food syrup 12.5kg including jerrycan (or £1.30 per kg if using own container)
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  • Apifonda®

    2.5kg block of Ambrosia fondant.
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  • Apple Cider Vinegar

    Ostlers Cloudy Apple Cider Vinegar, mix with our honey to make your own Honeygar. Raw, unpasteurised and coarse filtered, just like our honey. Size: 1 litre Choose between Cloudy and Vintage.  
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  • Wooden Honey Server

    Wooden drizzler for honey, syrup or treacle
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  • Gift Packaging

    Make the perfect gift of honey in one of these eco-friendly gift boxes. Our honey comes in either 227g or 340g jars. Pick 2 or 3 of the same sized jars of honey and add a box. The perfect present for the holiday season! Choose the honey yourself and order separately. Add a honey drizzler to the order to make the gift set complete!
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  • Crazy Bees Wall Art

    Made from glossy painted metal, these high quality decorations can be placed indoors or on a garden wall outdoors where they will eventually start to rust and create a rustic finish. The large sizes make unusual statement pieces on their own or grouped with the smaller ones. Select which of the four available sizes you want from the drop down box.
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  • Grafting Stick

    A beeswax and propolis grafting stick for gardeners. Size: 20g
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