Nectar of the gods, mead is the oldest alcoholic beverage known to man. It has been associated with good health and vitality for thousands of years. When combining honey and water, the naturally occurring yeast in honey burst into life and convert the sugars into alcohol. This creates a slightly sweet drink with distinct honey notes.

We are stockists of sparkling meads from the Nothumberland Honey Co. and a select range of still meads from the Lancashire Mead Company.

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  • Heather Sparkling Mead

    Heather produces the best most complex and flavoursome honey and mead. It takes time however, with this Heather Sparkling Mead taking around 2 years from the bees to the bottle! Right from opening the bottle, the air is filled with a lovely aroma of Heather. Rich, and full of the aromas of the beehive, honey, beeswax, propolis all the flavours are present. On the taste a real complex hit of dry initially, with a rich honey finish. Serve: Chilled
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  • Rose Sparkling Mead

    A wonderful light rosé colour gives intrigue reminiscent of a Northumberland sunset, leading to a fruity, fresh mouth feel and a smooth but dry finish. Serve: Chilled
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  • Wildflower Sparkling Mead

    Light in colour, with delicate floral and honey aromas, with a dry start and smooth savoury finish, will keep you coming back to the glass. A real hit with beekeepers with the rich aroma of beeswax, propolis and fresh pollen, reminiscent of opening up a beehive in spring. Wildflower Sparkling Mead, with it's delicate bubbles and Champagne like style, goes very well as an aperitif, with small tasting plates/ tapas, mild cheeses. Serve: Chilled
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  • Skadi’s Mead

    This mead is a ‘hydromel’ (pure honey mead), using Blossom honey. This gives it a medium sweet taste and is suitable for drinkers of white wine and slightly dry cider and also for the purists among mead drinkers.

    Can be served however you wish –chilled, over ice, room temperature or warm. Loves to be paired with desserts.

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  • Thor’s Mead

    This mead is a ‘Metheglin’ (herbed honey mead), using Blossom honey.

    It has citra hops added after the fermentation process. This gives it a light, hoppy flavour suitable for the craft beer drinkers amongst us.

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  • Viking’s Blood Mead

    This mead is a ‘melomel’ (fruited honey mead), using blossom honey. It is also wild fermented (no yeast is added), but uses the yeast in the fruit. It has fresh hedgerow berries (blueberry, blackcurrant and blackberry) added to the fermentation process.

    The addition of berries gives it a smooth and deceptive, almost alcohol-free taste – despite its percentage!

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  • ÆGIR

    This mead is a ‘Tannined Melomel’ (fruited honey mead) and follows the most traditional ‘basic’ mead recipe. The amazing flavour is achieved by simply adding tea and orange juice to the fermentation process.

    The addition of orange juice and tea gives the tannined, full bodied flavour, a slightly softer and fruitier taste, making it a firm favourite with drinkers across the board.

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