Infused Honey

A range of our raw Cheshire honey infused with organic herbs, spices, flowers and fresh fruit that in addition to tasting amazing make nutritious and effective all-natural remedies to alleviate symptoms of common maladies.
Infused honey can be used like normal honey, on toast, waffles, crumpets, added to greek yoghurt, poured over porridge, ice cream or blended with milk for a delicious, healthy milk shake. Alternatively, add a teaspoon to a cup of warm water to make a healthy alternative to tea or coffee. The water should not be too hot to preserve the natural antioxidants and enzymes in the raw honey and herbs.
We finely chop the herbs, spices, fruit and flowers and mix with raw Cheshire spring honey. The mix is then held at 40’C in the warming cabinet for two weeks, stirring daily so that all the oils and flavours are infused into the honey. This is then pressed through a coarse filter to remove the sediment but allow particles such as the vanilla seeds to pass into the honey.

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