516a2268Star Light:

The star shaped light fitting in the front shop is a glass in lead design from Habitat made in the heady sixties.





The two ‘flying saucers’ floating around the ceiling in the Smithy are actually loudspeakers. They are 1950’s industrial units made by speakers3the British manufacturer Goodmans and were originally used on a factory floor as part of a tannoy system. Design aspects of their rounded spun aluminium form can be seen in cars from the same post-war years, however, like so much industrial design of tspeakers2hat period, it is also highly functional. The concave shape of the double split-dome driver housing minimises standing acoustic waves within the enclosure whilst the inverted parabolic annular reflector ensures for the omnidirectional transmission of sound waves across a coherent plane. They originally had a  gold, anodised aluminium finish commonly used in that period which was rather dented and scratched. We have dismantled them, stripped off the anodised layer and then polished the aluminium housing to remove any scratches.



They were then buffed up to a mirror finish before the application of car lacquer to prevent oxidation. The old 10″ Goodmans paper loudspeaker units were replaced by modern high-end drivers and the casing covered internally with acoustically dampening bitumen matting to reduce the resonance of the aluminium housing. The pillar supports and hook were sprayed matt black and sound damping long fibre wool was added to reduce internal acoustic reflection. After re-assembly these unique speakers not only look cool, they also sound great.

Prismatic light units:

The three large lights in the main room of the Smithy are from a 1940’s school gymnasium and have Prismatic holophane shades with gas discharge lamps.
















Pipe Light:

This is actually a modern fitting that we ‘distressed’ with a grinder before soaking in brick acid to give that rusty, vintage finish.

Glass wall:

The glass panels making up the glass wall and mezzanine rails are upcycled room divider panels left over from an office refit in the Shard London Bridge.