Plastic free

All our containers and postal packaging is plastic free.

We try to reuse packaging wherever possible so please excuse us if the cardboard box your order is delivered in looks like it’s already been used – it probably has!

Reuse and refund516a2114

All our jars and bottles are made of reusable glass. Return honey jars to the shop for a 50p discount. Help keep both your and our costs down and save the environment too!


We have a symbiotic relationship with a network of farmers on the Tabley, Crown and Tatton Estates to provide pollination of their crops and in return they allow us to put our hives on their land. In addition to an increase in up to 30% of crop yield, a couple of jars of delicious local honey at Christmas seals the deal! Of course the bees also pollinate the wild flowers, trees and hedgerows to support the local wildlife and improve biodiversity in the area.

Plumley Honey House

516a2348In order to minimise our environmental footprint we pump water from our own on site well for all grey water applications in the Honey House.

All rainwater runoff is fed back into the groundwater by soakaway pits and all wastewater and sewerage is dealt with on site by a septic tank.

Any organic waste that cannot be eaten by the free range chickens is fed to our wormery to be recycled into a fantastic compost.

The Honey House is heated by a modern wood burning stove fed by logs from locally grown trees. There is a novel extraction fan duct system that pulls potentially wasted heat from the chimney cavity back into the honey processing room.

Bee friendly native species such as lime trees and hawthorn hedges have been specifically chosen on the site at Plumley Honey House. The wildflower bank is sown with seed packs available in the shop and gives a spectacular floral display that is buzzing with honey bees and other pollinators from June to October.

Product sourcing

We grow many of the herbs used in our infusion honeys ourselves without the use of herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilisers.

Wherever possible we will buy produce from sources as nearby as possible to support other local business and minimise the air miles.

We try to use certified organic produce whenever it is available and of high enough quality.