Welcome to Bax Bees

We are a family run beekeeping business based in Plumley, Cheshire, providing honey and bee related products sourced from our hives.

Shopping Online

Our online shop has most of the products we sell in the shop available for postage to the UK. Prices start at £1.50 for beeswax blocks and £4.50 for jars of honey. We aim to send our products in recycled cardboard whenever possible. For best shipping value, we recommend 4 jars of 227g or 3 jars of 350g. We offer various payment options, including PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and Apple Pay.

Our Products

Our bees produce a wide range of distinctive, varietal and multifloral local honeys, which are cold gravity extracted, raw and unpasteurised, only coarse filtered and 100% pure and natural. We never expose honey to a higher temperature than would normally occur in the hive so all the natural enzymes, yeasts, proteins, flavours and aromas are preserved.

We also have a delicious range of our spring Cheshire honey infused with organic herbs and spices and honey with added bee pollen, propolis and perga.

In addition to our range of great honeys we also make a range of natural products using beeswax, propolis and pollen from the hives.

Bax Bees Infused Honeys

A range of our raw Cheshire honey infused with organic herbs, spices, flowers and fresh fruit that in addition to tasting amazing make nutritious and effective all-natural remedies to alleviate symptoms of common maladies.
Infused honey can be used like normal honey, on toast, waffles, crumpets, added to greek yoghurt, poured over porridge, ice cream or blended with milk for a delicious, healthy milk shake. Alternatively, add a teaspoon to a cup of warm water to make a healthy alternative to tea or coffee. The water should not be too hot to preserve the natural antioxidants and enzymes in the raw honey and herbs.


We have a large selection of meads to help you through the dark time of these winter months!

Real mead is produced by combining honey with water and then fermenting those ingredients with or without added yeast. Some natural flavourings could be added to the process to add a variety of different flavours but that is it!

Products for hayfever


Polloney™ is a delicious mix of fresh local bee pollen suspended in raw Cheshire spring honey. It is our number 1 product for hayfever allergy sufferers

In addition to tasting great and being one of nature’s superfoods this product is very popular with hay fever allergy sufferers.

The Plumley Honey House

Come and visit our honey shop and honey extracting facility in Plumley where you can see our whole range of raw local honeys, infused honeys and speciality honeys. Also mead, beeswax candles, polishes, skin creams and lots more bee related artisan produce.